Bangor Speech Festival

Bangor Speech Festival
Supported by North Down Borough Council Arts & Culture
Affiliated to the British and International Federation of Festivals for Music, Dance and Speech

Festival Rules

Festival Rules
1. a. The official entrance form must be used and a separate form for each class.
b. All entries must be sent to the Secretary on or before the closing date.
c. Cheques should be made payable to “Bangor Speech Festival”.
d. Late entries can only be accepted in special circumstances.
2. The Festival Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry.
3. A competitor entering for two or more competitions must not render the same
item twice.
4. Competitors must not repeat a selection with which they have already won any
first prize at a previous Bangor Festival.
5. Competitors may obtain particulars of their marks on application to the Secretary
at the conclusion of each session, or no later than 14 days after conclusion of the
6. All cups are Perpetual Challenge Cups and are to be held by the winner for one
year and must be returned to John Ekin, 15a Raglan Road, Bangor BT20 3TL , by 1 February 2020. It would be appreciated if the name of the
winner is MACHINE engraved by a reputable jeweller and the cost met by the
7. Prizes will be withheld if sufficient merit is not shown.
8. Prize winner in AGE GROUP classes may be required to furnish proof of age.
9. The order and times of competitions in the programme will be strictly adhered to,
save in very exceptional circumstances.
10. A protest will not be received against the award of the Adjudicator as to merit.
Any protest against infringement of the conditions of a competition will be
considered by the Committee, whose decision will be final.
11. Substitution of a competitor for one, who has entered but cannot compete, is not
permitted. Competitors are permitted only once in any class.
12. Qualified Teachers of Speech and Drama and holders of Speech Diplomas are
not permitted to enter for the competitions.
13. Competitors are required to give copy of the items chosen as OWN CHOICE to
the Adjudicator.
14. No children under 4 will be admitted into the hall.
15. The decision of the Committee in all questions arising out of or not provided for
in these rules shall be final.